Donnerstag, 22. September 2011

le Mustache

For my lil' great Vin Cé - my mustache hero! You're so hip! xoxo

Happy Fildjan

If you're happy and you know it... drink a coffee at Happy Fildjan. You won't be disappointed.
The owner of the restaurant/bar is a very lovely, caring, friendly and generous guy. The atmosphere is very comfy. On summerdays you can sit outside and drink one of the coffee specialities of Happy Fildjan.

For example on the pic: turkish coffee (i think) served with sugar cubes, quince marmalade, turkish delight and a glas of water. There is a certain procedure of drinking the coffee:
first you eat a bit of the quince marmalade and then takea  sip of water, then dip the sugar cubes' corner in the coffee, and have a bite of the sugar corner and before the sugar got melted in the mouth, you will take a sip of coffee... and the routine goes like that. during the procedure you can eat the turkish's a funny way of drinking coffee.
I can also suggest the menue of the day. be surprised and visit Happy Fildjan... Lemme know if you need a companion ;)

Frozen Yogurt @Firn Bar

I think "Frozen Yogurt" is becoming famous in Munich. I have already checked out 3 shops, but my favorite one is at Firn Café - Bar, Klenzestr. / Gärtnerplatz. The frozen yogurt there is a lil' bit sweeter and the quality is better. + the portion is ok and the preperation is pretty made.

The toppings are following: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, core oil and pumkin seed crocant, white chocolate, milk chocolate and smarties. I always prefer the 3 berries. It's delicious, healthy and fresh!
Price for to go: 3,50€, on table: 4€
try it and you'll love it!

Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

Big day

I was in Helsinki last July for holidays, but I didn't post anything about street fashion of Helsinki yet. Coming soon. For now, just a wonderful Norwegian Band "Torgny" with the song "big day"

Enjoy it!

Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

I heart Gärtnerplatz

Had so much fun walking around Gärtnerplatz this afternoon. I was searching for real bavarian "hipster"-style. I was stocked @ Klenzestr. - where I have found most of those fashion victims, wearing different kinds of clothing. One of my favorite was the girl with the short twiggy haircut. She was wearing comfy green large velour pants from Tokio, American Apparel Sweat and a Scarf from Marocco. Seen @ Klenzestr.


 I have seen this woman @ Viktualienmarkt. I sighted her, because of the Tee she was wearing. Cute lil' orange monster! Also love her red lipstick. T-shirt from Topshop.

The Busy Mama. I couldn't really capture her, because she wanted to cross the street. But hell yeah, a mother with that body, those flashy shoes and ray ban sunglasses - I can imagine to push a baby carriage with that style.  Seen @ Gärtnerplatz 

Another Mama, wearing a cool oversized vintage jacket from a fleamarket, as I was told. I so love this jacket. It's a must-have! It looks very nice on skinny girls though. Also seen @ Klenzestr. 

I stopped her for a pic shoot, but she was asking herself why. So the reason is, I like her hat, indeed and the combination with her pants and of course- she is pretty. Seen @Klenzestr.

Elle, my lovely friend, hanging out with me at a second-hand store. She is wearing a fur, which I really don't like, but it suites to her, she also wears a fine silk dress and fancy necklace. This pose is btw priceless! The second hand store was also @Klenzestr. 

There are different opinion about the fashion in Munich. Some say Munich is a "bussi-bussi"- (kiss-kiss) community, very snobbish and labeled, some say that Munich doesn't really know about fashion. I would say it's a mixture. There are some places with those labeled society and some spots like Gärtnerplatz - hipster meets bohemian bavarian chic.

My mission of discovering the way of fashion in Munich is not finished yet. I'll definitely search for more exciting, colorful and passionated people. It will take time but thank god I live in Munich.

- Peace -

Blueberry-apple salad mix

It's summer and berries are just wonderful to nibble. I love fruits on salads. One of my creations is the "Blueberry apple salad mix". The ingredients are simple: pick and pluck lettuce, carrots (which you can not see, btw) applepieces and blueberries. For the dressing you'd need: balsamic vinegar, hot mustard, chillis, honey and pumpkinseed oil.  Voilá - the summer can come!

Montag, 13. Juni 2011

the F'nF - word: I left my hat in Paris

the F'nF - word: I left my hat in Paris: "Seriously? I wanted to buy that hat, but I couldn't afford it. I guess the woman on the stand wanted me to pay about 30 EUR because it's vin..."